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No Secrets Allowed

Is this relationship worth fighting for?

New adult romance. long-distance romance. Secrets. Emotional. A Sweet love. Contemporary. 


Soon after their first kiss, Rory and Peter must try to build their relationship with over 3000 miles between them.

In her new job in Boston, Rory has to work with two men who show interest in her. One is an old college friend she used to like, and the other is a young attorney for her company.

In the meantime, Peter experiences the austerity of working in his family enterprises in California and realizes he has no control over his life anymore. He can’t say no to a new assignment that has him escorting a prospective business partner’s daughter who is holding a secret he’d rather forget.

Their love has just bloomed, but their path is on rocky ground. Will harsh truths and secrets destroy their long-distance relationship?

Book No Secrets Allowed
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Book review NSA

"A lovely romance novel with a captivating storyline."   

--- Edith Wairimu, Readers Favorite, 5 stars 

"Wu offers a relatable tale of a couple struggling to adapt to a long-distance relationship. Peppered with intriguing dynamics of co-workers who threaten fidelity, and judgmental family members sowing doubt, there is palpable tension sustained throughout this compact novel. The main characters are loveable and endearing, and Wu’s handling of past regrets and secrets withheld endow the couple with a blithe honesty and vulnerability that is sure to warm the hearts of readers of this engaging series." 

--- Self-Publishing Review, 4 stars

"It is a fast-paced story of love, with twists and a few turns, adventure, passion, drama, decisions, distances, and some troubles; it's definitely a really good story.."

 --- Eveline, Goodreads reader, 5 stars. 

"I earnestly invite readers to get their own pleasure from this beautiful story."   

--- Nela, Goodreads reader, 4 stars

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