• Kana Wu

Why did you write No Romance Allowed?

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Since I published my first book, people asked me that question, and I've pondered it since then.

To be honest, that is an easy question but difficult to answer.

My answer is probably a cliché, 'I have a story and want to share the story with people.'

The real story is since I was young, I always wanted to be a writer. As I grew up, somehow, that dream was forgotten, and I had a bad habit of pausing my activity when I face obstacles. As an example, I picked up a hobby of cross stitching, and when the project was one-fourth finished, I stopped because I stitched them backward and didn't want to redo it.

Everything changed, especially since my mom has dementia and arrived at a stage where she does not recognize her children. I wanted to do something for her because only God knows how long her life would be.

In 2018, I started taking a little step by writing an idea that had been in my mind since 2017 in a blank paper. And I got a half-page to start.

Then I kept on it.

Writing a book is hard. Very hard!

Many times I wanted to give up, but a little voice in my heart said I should keep doing it. I'm so glad the little voice is persistent enough in telling me that I have a talent for writing, which should not be wasted and to keep on going for my mom.

So, I kept pushing myself to finish it until the manuscript was ready to be published. And once it was published, I still could not believe that I DID it! Even until now, it is still hard for me to believe.

Two things made an author happy; getting a review and getting asked for more stories. I didn't understand that feeling until I become an author myself. Yes, I was over the moon when my book got reviewed (and am hoping to get more in the future), and when some readers asked for more stories.

That is a new challenge for sure. Well, as Barney Stinson, a fictional character in How I Met Your Mother, always responded by saying 'Challenge accepted,' I am responding in the same manner.

Stay tuned for the sequel of No Romance Allowed.