• Kana Wu

Unleash our creativity and hidden talent during COVID-19 isolation.

Updated: May 7, 2020

Since California was ordered to lockdown by our Governor, we barely go out unless for something necessary like groceries or walking our dogs. We haven’t met our regular friends or eaten in a restaurant.

It isn’t easy, and staying at home due to the pandemic isn’t something that makes us happy. However, we choose to obey the rule and do the best we could to make our stay-at-home as happy and healthy as possible. We understand by staying at home, we take our part in protecting people we love; our family, our friends, our neighbors, our coworkers, and our country. Also, by doing it, we break the chain of the infection and defeat the virus faster.

But staying at home can be boring, indeed.

That’s because we often underrate ourselves and forget that we are creative creatures and always find a way to get rid of boredom. Just look at your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, or other, and you can see how creative people are.

There are videos or pictures about people sewing different styles of face masks, sharing a unique new recipe for baking or cooking, creating video dance competition between parents and kids, meeting up virtually for happy hour or BBQ, virtual singing competition, and so on.

I really enjoy seeing those videos and pictures and feel amazed about their creativity. Those people are heroes of making this world beautiful and entertaining during this pandemic time.

Let’s use our lockdown as a chance to increase our creativity and find our hidden talent. No one knows that one day the talent or the creativity would save the future.

Picture: Creative sidewalk chalk drawing in our neighborhood.

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