• Kana Wu

Two things I love most about Japan

Updated: May 9, 2020

Japan is a fascinating country to visit. The scenery is beautiful, the foods are delicious, the people are polite.

Since our first visit, we fell in love with that country. And by God's grace, we visited for the second time and love it even more. It isn't easy to pinpoint what things I love from the country. Maybe, for now, I could sort it by two things that I love the most.

First, its cleanness.

Wherever you walk, on the sidewalk, or in small alleys, you rarely see any litter. And no matter how hard you look, you won't locate any trash can on the sidewalk.

My dad used to say that Japan is clean because of the strict rules. He was right. From the information I read, Japan Government has strict regulations for garbage collection.

However, after I went there, I noticed something else. The people sincerely follow the rules and take pride in it. If there is no pride instilled, the rule is merely a rule.

Second, it is so organized.

I saw people are lining up patiently waiting for their train in the train station. When the train arrives, they stand to the side and let other people get off before they get on.

Another thing that caught my attention is Japanese people walk fast, rush hours or not. The amazing thing is they won't bump into each other.

Shibuya Crossing is known as the world's busiest pedestrian crossing. When people cross there, regardless of during the night or the day, no collision among them. It seems that they have built-in radar in their body to detect any obstacle in front of them. Once, when crossing on the intersection, I deliberately walked into people, and they swerved effortlessly.

Yes, I love Japan and am going to write more about it, including things that bothered me during my trips there. So stay tuned for the next article.