• Kana Wu

A tribute to the kindest person I've met

Updated: Oct 15

For those who already read my novel, you might remember Rick Perkin, a father figure for Rory, the leading role. In the acknowledgment, I mentioned that the character was inspired by my neighbor, Rick because I admire his personality.

Rick was the kindest person I’ve ever met. He was sociable and friendly. We called him ‘our mayor’ because he knew most residents and always welcomed new residents into the neighborhood.

He’d helped us during our first years living in the neighborhood. So, I had no doubt each time he said ‘I’ll help you” that he would deliver what he’d promised. And he was also the person who encouraged me to keep writing more books.

Since we moved to a different city, we met him only after church. However, since the pandemic and no gathering allowed, we never met again.

Last month he passed away from the illness he had for years, and we just knew about it yesterday. His neighbor told us that they didn’t know either until weeks later since most of them have been inside the house since the pandemic. His memorial must have been quiet, no neighbors attended, just families, and that was ironic, considering he was a sociable person.

Now, Rick is no longer around, but his good characters are still alive in my life and in my book.

Rest in peace, Rick😢🙏