• Kana Wu

The Royal Treatment ⭐⭐⭐⭐

A funny and light-hearted book to read. It makes me laugh out loud.

The story set in an imaginary kingdom called Avonia with Tessa Sharpe, a blogger, and Prince Arthur, the Prince, as the main character. Tessa hates the royal family and has a blog special for them.

Against the King's disapproval, Prince Arthur invites her to stay and witness the daily life of the royal family for two months, hoping to change her opinion and increase the royal family's reputation.

After two months of living in the Palace, Tessa finds that the family isn't as bad as she has thought. And yes, she fell in love with the Prince and vice versa.

The cute story, indeed, with many funny scenes, and my favorite one is when Tessa wore the Shock Jogger.

I like Tessa for her clumsiness. But not so much for Prince Arthur, who is egomaniac, even name his private Excalibur (🤔🤔), and his personality makes me cringe.

If you don't mind with foul language (too many, to be honest) and the dirty thought of the Prince, overall the story is delightful.

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