• Kana Wu

Thank You!

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

"Don't forget to say 'thank you' because that's a proper manner," said my mom to the five-year-old me.

As we get older, we find out that saying 'thank you' isn't merely about a proper manner. There are many reasons why we show our gratitude:

* to keep us humble, * to appreciate our blessings, * to encourage compassion and kindness, * to show selflessness, * to connect us to the goodness within others, * and so on.

I don't have thousands or hundreds or fifty friends, but I have enough friends who give me positive support when I need, especially when I told them that I wrote a book. And I feel grateful to have them in my journey while writing my first novel No Romance Allowed. Thanks guys! 😊❤ and THANKS SO MUCH to all who are not mentioned in the book but give me support after the fact. ♥️♥️

Thanks guys! 😊❤

Acknowledgement page in No Romance Allowed