• Kana Wu

Pride and Precipitation ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I finally was able to write this review after being busy writing a sequel to my novel, which is more demanding than the first one and still not finished yet.

Well, here is the review.

I chose this chick-lit book because the title reminds me of Jane Austen's novel, Pride and Prejudice. And yes, after I finished reading it, the storyline is about the same but in the modern world.

The main character is a 28-year-old woman named Breanna, but people called her 'Breezy' for her sweet and perky personality. Born and raised in Aspen Grove, California, Breezy loves her town and wishes to stay there forever. She even follows her dad's footsteps as a weathercaster in KWAC, a local TV station. Her dream to stay in her hometown is shattered by Noah Drake, a new general manager for the station who is determined to reshape the local station and make it more attractive.

Noah is a swoon-worthy type of man in her eyes. However, Breezy's interest becomes sour once she finds out that Noah calls her 'too Pollyanna' for a weathercaster. She dislikes him even more because Noah demotes her as an off-screen assistant and replaces her with Pamela Gladstone who always reveals too much of her cleavage on-air.

Working with Pamela isn't easy, and a few weeks later, Breezy quits. When she is looking for a job, she bumps into Andrew North, her ex-boyfriend, who returns to Aspen Grove to open his surf shop. Breezy accepts his offer to work with him temporarily.

In the meantime, Noah receives many complaints from Aspen Grove people demanding to take Breezy back. For the sake of the station's rating, Noah seeks his boss's permission to relocate Pamela to another station and bring Breezy back to the station.

The station's rating is increasing. Their love is blooming, but their pride is standing between them. Their friends make extra effort to smooth their relationship. Competing with Andrew for Breezy's love, Noah decides to shake off his pride and declares his love for Breezy in front of people she loves and cares.

Heather Horrocks did an excellent job creating such sweet, and likable characters with small-town vibes feel. I could imagine living in such a charming, friendly town of Aspen Grove. The storyline is good and straight forward. No surprises with clean contents, no sex, only kisses, like the story I wrote in my novel.

Too bad, the story is too short, only fifteen chapters, the quickest rom-com I've ever read. But, overall, the story is interesting and fun to read.