• Kana Wu

My Interview with HocTok Magazine

I’m an introverted person, preferring to work behind the scenes. Anything related to public relations, I’d typically give it to someone else.

Things changed since I decided to publish my first book in fall 2019. I have social media accounts and my author website just like other published authors, but I primarily used them to post anything related to my books.

When HocTok showed their interest in interviewing me, I was surprised and was thrilled to read their email. At the same time, I was also hesitant. However, I decided to accept and was happy knowing that the interview was not live; it was a written interview. They sent me some questions, and I submitted back my responses.

I didn’t know when the interview was published. When I found it, I was in disbelief and thought, ‘wow, was that really about me and my books?’

That’s a pleasant experience, indeed. Thank you for interviewing me, HocTok.

BTW, HocTok Magazine is the best platform for all artists to promote their arts and creativity.

To read the interview, please click the link below: