• Kana Wu

Made for Me ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Updated: Aug 13

I chose this book because the cover is adorable and it is obvious that the story would relate to sewing, something that I’m not good at.

The main character is Michele Nowakowski, a woman who an almost thirty-year-old can’t figure out what she wants in life. Her sewing skill is good, but she can’t find a decent job with her skill. When a local clothing store, where she works, closes its doors, she stumbles. With debts and no sufficient savings, she decides to move back to her parent’s house.

Then she looks into a TV show called Made for Me that her sister-in-law suggested. The reality show isn’t the same with Project Runway because there are no challenges but assignments for one purpose: designing wardrobes, including a wedding gown for Duchess Maryn, the bride-to-be for the Crown Prince of a tiny country called the United Republic of Montabago.

The story continues and focuses on her life during the competition. Along the way, she is attracted to a fellow contestant, Asher, a talented and handsome Brit who owns a clothing business. At the same time, she starts seeing a new light on her cousin’s best friend, Lincoln, who has helped her during that time.

As we could predict, Michele wins the competition and finds out Asher’s real intention shortly before moving with him to London. And later, she accepts Lincoln’s love despite he is younger than her.

The book is fun and easy to read. I enjoyed it very much. The interaction between her and her large Italian family and their quirks made me smile a lot. I have to admit that I had to skip a few pages that contain details about sewing techniques. They aren’t bothersome: I skipped because I don’t understand sewing at all. And also, I didn’t really enjoy the first five chapters because Michele seems to be a judgmental and irritable girl. I began to like the story much once she joined the contest and couldn’t put it down since then.

Overall, it is worth reading, and for people who love sewing and reading romance stories, this is a perfect book for you.

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