• Kana Wu

Little Free Book Library

Updated: Apr 10

In my childhood, buying a good book was a privilege because, in the country where I grew up, there is no public library. There were school libraries but were full of smelly old books due to a lack of funds.

Because of the reasons above, my siblings and I preferred not to borrow books from the school library, so we had to buy it. The challenge was new books were not cheap!

So we put together our allowances, and after we had enough money, we went to the bookstore and bought a book we liked. At home, we covered it with a plastic wrap and took a turn to read it (yeah, as the youngest, I was always the last one to read).

Now, in the US, where I live now, books are easy to find and generally affordable. There are many public libraries and even free-book-box libraries everywhere. Unfortunately, the number of people who read books is low, especially among kids. That's sad.

I hope people read more books because reading is fun!