• Kana Wu

Least expects it.

Remember the story about my fruitless tree? (See the story about that here).

Well, a month ago, the tree suddenly produced a flower bud. Just one. But it was shocking considering the tree has been infertile for years.

Last week, that tiny bud was blooming, and the branches suddenly produce more flowers and buds. I stood in front of the tree with a mixed feeling of happiness, excitement, and gratefulness. It was amazing to see something good happens when you least expect it.

Yes, I didn't expect the tree to produce fruits. If it does, it is good. If it doesn't, nothing changes.

Curious, I used the PlantNet apps to find out what kind of fruit tree it is, and the result most likely is peach.

Let's wait and see. If everything is fine, I could have peaches this year.