• Kana Wu

Keep our hope alive

Updated: Apr 10

There is one fruit tree in my backyard that has leaves but no fruit. Since we moved to the house a year and a half ago, no one could tell us what it is. The old gardener said it might be an apple tree or a plum tree, but he wasn't sure since the tree has been fruitless.

I've thought of chopping the tree off and plant something useful, but I was lazy to do that. Instead, I kept pruning and giving the tree enough water and fertilizer.

This morning, when we cleaned our backyard, I noticed something. An unopened flower bud in the tree! What a surprise! Finally, if everything is fine, we will know what type of fruit tree we have.

What I learned from it: Many times when things aren't working as we expected, nothing we could do, but to keep our hope alive. Let's keep our hope alive amidst the current uncertainty. Stay safe and healthy, my friends.

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