• Kana Wu

☀️☀️Go outside and look up! ☀️☀️

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

One day, my mom noticed my ten-year-old face was gloomy. Gently, she took my hand and said, 'Let's go outside.' I refused. But she persisted.

As we were outside, she asked me to look up. Reluctantly, I obeyed her. As I lifted my eyes, I saw how blue the sky was with clouds here and there. Some clouds were puffy and white, and some were wispy. Slowly, the clouds shifted into different shapes and kept changing. So amazing, so relaxing.

After five or seven minutes passed, my mom asked, 'Do you feel better?' I nodded.

Then she said, 'When everything seems unbearable, depressing, and confusing, just step outside and lookup. Gazing at the sky and see how big and amazing it is. I believe you will feel better after that.'

Many times, this simple advice helps me feel better. So today, If you feel everything is too scary and unbearable, just step outside and look up, and I hope you will find comfort too.

Stay safe and healthy, my friends.

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