• Kana Wu

Who's There? ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Updated: Jun 20

Who's There? A Collection of Stories, written by Dimas Rio, containing five horror stories with different main characters. Each story has a different theme, from ghost victim who sought retribution and revenge for her pain, a restless creature, to a domestic violence victim seeking revenge. Among the five stories, The Voice Canal has the most unique theme. It is not about revenge or folklore creature, but about a young man who could speak with his deceased father through his phone.

Further, the stories are heavily influenced by Indonesian culture and beliefs. As a person who grew up in that country, it is easy for me to relate to his stories.

I'm not into any unnerving ghost-like story, but this book is interesting to read. Dimas did an excellent job of creating the frightful and eerie ambiance that made you not wanting to be alone in the dark. Out of the five, I like three in the following order; The Wandering, The Voice Canal, and Who's There?

If you like supernatural and horror stories, this book is suitable for your reading list.

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