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Jul 28, 2022


It's official 🥳🥳
My novel, No Secrets Allowed, got the first place best in category for The Chatelaine Book Award 2021 CIBA Winners for Romance Fiction.

I can't believe it!!!

Click the link below for more information. Congrats to all the first winners and the grand prize winner.

Feb 4, 2022


💢💢✨Books I read in 2021✨💢💢


We're already in February and it's a bit too late for me to share books I read last year 🙈😅because most people shared their list in January.

So, here they are.

Noted: I got most of the self-published books from the authors and enjoyed their books 🤩❤️❤️




Dec 24, 2021


Hi everyone,


💢💢🌲✨Merry Christmas from my house to yours✨🌲💢💢


Happy holiday to everyone 💐🥳.


May your day be surrounded by love ❤️, joy 🤩, and hope 🙏.

And may God bless you and give you peace forever.




Nov 12, 2021

Gladys, Me, Meeko.jpg

Hi everyone,


How are things going in your life? I hope things are going well for you.


Everything in my life has been well, except for one thing; I lost my best furry friend, Gladys, on September 28th. The tumor on her leg was bleeding for the 3rd time, and the vet couldn't stop it.


Gladys had been part of our family since we adopted her from South LA Shelter eleven years ago. Losing her is similar to losing my best friend. My family has grieved, and my tears drop whenever I remember her. Now, I have only one dog, Meeko, and will enjoy her company for as long as she lives. 

Now, let's talk about something that made me smile.


I've worked on my third book!

I'm so excited about it because it sets in Tokyo, a city where I've fallen in love with its chaotic beauty since my first trip there.


Please stay tuned because the book will be released in March 2022.


BTW, if you have Instagram, Facebook, or Goodreads, let's follow each other because I love to have new friends. Below are my accounts:






Have a great weekend, 


Aug 15, 2021

Start Binge Reading.jpg


No Romance Allowed and No Secrets Allowed are available in Kindle Unlimited. 

So if you have the account, please take a look at this series. The final book will be released next year.

Stay tuned.


Click the buttons for the book's trailers below 👇👇👇

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